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Holiday time

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  • Halloween is almost here! If you are too big for Trick or Treat here is the ultimate spooky outing with 4 haunts to die for.

    Start at a costume shop to find the most hideous outfit.Then once geared up, join a zombie walk or ghost tour and start making scary sounds appropriate to your costume. Be sure to take a friend to share the laughs when you scare randoms as you go.

    Once you’ve worked up a wicked appetite, stop for a bloody blue steak and a chilled bloody mary, in the darkest bar you can find. Finish the best halloween ever with a horror movie at the cinema. Happy Halloween!

    Flickr photo credit: Yasser Alghofily
    #Halloween #trickorTreat #zombie #ghost #bloodyMary #horror

  • Do you know the world’s widest street? and How many lanes of traffic it has?

    Did you guess right?

    The answer below.
    Like if you guessed correctly and you are a travel trivia legend!

    Buenos Aires, Argentina - and 14 lanes!
    WunderWalker Kat reminisces with this excerpt from her travel blog two years ago...

    'It was time for me to get on the traveller trail and I shifted to a hostel with a rooftop terrace, Lime Hostel, and as my local friend Andres was working, his retired parents dropped me in their car. I was overwhelmed with their kindness, this travelling business is very emotional! I tried not to tear up in front of the receptionist and lounging guests as I checked in.

    Lime hostel is on the World’s widest street, Avenida de Julio, 110m wide with 14 lanes of traffic! but it does have lovely jacaranda trees, and the occasional gigantic monument. It is so wide that poor pedestrians (including me!) powerwalk to get across to the other side in time, before the red ‘don’t walk’ man counts down. I ended up waiting on an island ¾ of the way across many times – Ha! An amateur! Amusingly I wasn’t the only one!’
    (photo: view from Lime hostel's rooftop onto the world's widest street)