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What is WunderWalk app?

WunderWalk app creates your ultimate outing in an instant, by combining your interests in shopping, eating, drinking, entertainment and sightseeing, and you can start discovering new places the way you like to. Less time planning, more time out and about.

WunderWalk has over one million places worldwide for you to discover. Think of the possibilities: shopping sprees, food safaris, and bar hopping. Real time GPS navigation and timing stats keep you on track. Planning a group event? Share your unique WunderWalks with your Facebook friends.

 The fun in-app character allows you to create an exploring alter-ego. If your WunderWalk is the best in your city, claim your explorer status on the real time WunderWalk scoreboard.

Take your free time into your own hands! Anytime. Anywhere. It’s Your Day, Your Way. Unlimited urban adventures for you. Get lost in the ‘wunder’.


How is WunderWalk different?

WunderWalk app is your virtual concierge and private tour guide rolled into one portable solution, by recommending your unique itinerary and guiding you along the way.

WunderWalk is the fastest way to plan an outing with more than one point of interest.

WunderWalk is the most contemporary and personalised way for you to explore new places. Simply enter interests you’d love to discover and a WunderWalk is ready for you to explore.

You can use WunderWalk in thousands of cities around the world. One app; one million city discoveries.

The most ultimate outings of every city are listed in the real time scoreboard. You can become the Ultimate WunderWalker of your hometown – or the world!

There are a million strolls waiting for you. Become an urban explorer today. 


When did WunderWalk launch?

WunderWalk launched in global Apple and Google Play app stores in beta in June 2014 and is free to download.


An Australian-made app by a travel lover

Kat McArthur founded WunderWalk in 2014 after returning to her Australian home following a stretch of independent travel and wishing to turn her passion for global cultures into her life’s work.  Kat spent her 20s living and working in Japan, Spain and Scotland in diverse cultural and business environments, and travelling any chance she could.

Kat has a life-long passion in maintaining Spanish as a second language. Her biggest regret is there aren’t enough meals in a day to taste everything she finds in her meanderings. That’s why Kat wants anyone and everyone to get the opportunity to maximise their free time with new discoveries, whether at home or abroad.