Become a Tastemaker!

Promote your own branded WunderWalk
Show your local expertise with awalkable outing of places that align with your brand
An ultimate day out or night out to excite your potential and existing customers!
Your promoted walk will appear in WunderWalk app for locals and tourists to discover in over 2000 cities and over 13,000 people have downloaded WunderWalk app.


Make your branded WunderWalk in any city of up to 7 places

Need some inspiration?

Think of places near your venue that you love, and places that your customers would love to discover in a day out or night out. Imagine tourist trails, shopping sprees, food safaris, bar hops or combo WunderWalks of your brand or industry expertise. Even add refreshment stops along the way. It is completely up to your brand’s tastes.


Partner examples

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